3 0   Y E A R S   Forum Gitarre Wien


Sungho CHANG, South Korea

Costas COTSIOLIS, Greece

Anton CRNUGELJ, Slovenia

Aniello DESIDERIO, Italy

Andrea DE VITIS, Italy

Campbell DIAMOND, Australia

Zoran DUKIC, Croatia

Marcin DYLLA, Poland

Stefan HACKL, Austria

Leon KOUDELAK, Czech Republic

Cyprien N'TSAÏ, France

Jorgos PANETSOS, Greece

Bozhana PAVLOVA, Bulgaria

Alvaro PIERRI, Uruguay

Pavel STEIDL, Czech Republic


The courses can be attended by active participants and auditors.

Every active participant has 3 lessons of 40 minutes each (one lesson with a teacher of choice guaranteed), can participate in the ensemble, the competition, and visit the lectures and concerts.

Auditors can take part in all festival events, attend concerts and train their stage performance; however the offer does not include any lessons.

Auditors receive a document, active participants a diploma.


Registration deadline: 09. August 2020




All participants can train their stage performance in a concert setting in the grand hall ("Großer Ehrbar Saal").



Masaki Sakurai

Wien Kultur - Magistrat 7 der Stadt Wien      

     European String Teachers Association D'Addario  

Savarez  Claudio Lazcano del Castillo  Universal Edition

Armin & Mario GroppSato Guitars   Daniel Zucali 

 Klangfarbe Musikhaus Gitarresalon Haid Haus der Musik Trekel Visesnut


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