In the music scores exhibition, Haus der Musik Trekel exhibits scores, books, CDs, DVDs and everything that has to do with the guitar. D'Addario presents strings and Planet Waves accessories. Participants and visitors are invited to browse through the exhibitions as they like and can get advice from the exhibitors if they have any question.  

All interested guitarists and visitors can exchange experiences and opinions with the luthiers and try out their intstruments in a relaxed atmosphere. At the instrument presentation on Sunday, 26.08.2018 at 15:00, all instruments will be presented and played in the concert hall Großer Ehrbar Saal.

Last year our exhibition was joined by:

Young SEO
(luthier of the prize guitar)

Felix Justen - GUITARLIFT

Armin & Mario GROPP



Uwe Trekel vom Haus der Musik Trekel
Daniel Zucali: Meisterwerkstatt für Gitarrenbau und Restaurierung
Curt Claus Voigt - Voigt Luthiers seit 1690
Sato Guitar - Hideo Sato, Takeo Sato
Instumentenpräsentation im Großen Ehrbar Saal
Gitarrenatelier Daniel Stark
Young Seo - Master Luthier
Armin and Mario Gropp: Meisterwerkstatt für kl. Gitarren und Lauten
Donatella Salvato - Fine traditional classical guitars
Octavian Badea von Guitarissimo
Uwe Trekel vom Haus der Musik Trekel

Donatella SALVATO


Daniel STARK

Curt Claus & Marc-Julian VOIGT