24.08. - 31.08.2022  

Margarita Escarpa


"An artist through and through" exclaimed Mª Luisa Anido when she first heard Margarita play. Since then, Margarita has achieved considerable success and is considered one of the greatest contemporary guitarists.

During her studies at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, she is taught by the most influential teachers and advised by the best performers. She graduates with special honors in 1992, and a little later also finishes her studies in mathematics at the
Autonomous University of Madrid.

During her studies she won not only several national prizes, but also eight international ones. Her success in the International Competition "XX Solo Guitar Competition" of the Guitar
Foundation of America was a decisive moment for her future career as a performer. Since then she has played her way to the top of the international scene and regularly participates in the most important festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

Margarita Escarpa masters an extensive solo and orchestral repertoire, and her musical talent and skill transform each of her concerts into a unique musical experience: every note and every pause finds its special place. Arturo Tello Ruiz-Pérez asserts that Margarita Escarpa is at the summit of Parnassus of the guitar scene.

Her versions of works penned by, for example, J.S. Bach, J.P. Rameau, el Padre Soler, S.Albero, I. Albéniz, M. de Falla or C. Debussy have become a point of reference for contemporary performers, not only from an interpretive point of view, but also from a transcriptive one, which has earned her much praise from critics.

Margarita Escarpa plays a guitar made by Matthias Dammann and has been "artista D ́Addario" since 2011. As a solo artist she has recorded CDs for RTVE (Spanish public broadcaster), Ópera Tres, Naxos, La Má de Guido and GHA Records and is currently planning new recordings. Her new album "Estampes", released in October 2013, has already achieved first-class reviews.

Margarita is also known as a dedicated teacher and in addition to her teaching, she heads the guitar faculty at the Vigo Conservatory.



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